Performance and Longevity Optimizer

Wind Turbine Guard - WTG

About WTG

Wind Turbine Guard (WTG) is a turnkey IIOT-enabled solution to monitor vibration signatures.
Easy and rapid installation of wideband sensors (1 Hz to 1000 Hz) that is able to detect fatigue failure.
With WTG you are able to optimize the loads on the wind turbine blades and drive-train, without exceeding the safe limit, to prolong the operating lifetime and increase production.
Wind Turbine Guard is a brand new product line for vibration analysis of wind towers.
Our cost-benefit estimation has a break-even of 3 to 5 years.

Key Features

✔ Wideband sensor working from 1 Hz to 1000 Hz.
✔ Easy and rapid installation of wideband sensors (1 Hz to 1000 Hz)
✔ ​Fiber optic making the VibroFibre spouses long-standing Telcordia standard.
✔ Adapted to hostile environment such as extreme temperatures, pressure, high voltage and corrosive environment.
✔ Continuous Mode for unattended monitoring.
✔ An User Interface is provided for both on-line evaluation (WT EYE) and off-line trending (WT SAFE).

Graphical User Interface

WT EYE Online software service enabling the user to observe measurements in real-time. Displayed are the time and frequency domains. Data can be stored for long term trending using WT SAFE software service.

WT SAFE ​Offline software service trending the saved data from its online counterpart. Long term behaviors of your wind turbine tower becomes apparent.