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Turbine Generator Guard - TGG

About TGG

The TG-Guard is designed to monitor turbine generators such as gas or steam turbines in order to extract a signature of its condition, which is highly focused on the two times line frequency (2xLF) region.
Its sensors called VibroFibre have the dual ability of measuring both vibration and local temperature located at the Stator End Winding (SEW). The SEWs are structures that protrude from the stator and they are not mechanically supported. Hence, they become susceptible to bending stresses and vibration; they flop like wings of a bird. The SEW vibration is the main actor that leads a turbine generator to eventual breakdown.

Key Features

✔ Wideband sensor working from 20 Hz to 500 Hz.
✔ Easy and rapid installation (one day for the 16 channel sensors).
✔ ​Immune to EMI and high voltages.
✔ ​Fiber Optic making the VibroFibre spouses Telcordia standard. 
✔ Adapted to hostile environment such as extreme temperatures, pressure, high voltage and corrosive environment.
✔ ​Signal Conditioner possesses an analog electrical output for direct measurement. 
✔ ​A SCADA device can be linked to the signal conditioner as it also outputs RS-485 Modbus signal.
✔ The TG Guard system can be extended to other types of assets and conditions.

Graphical User Interface

TG EYE is an online software service enabling the user to observe measurements in real-time. Displayed are the time and frequency domains, and the temperature as well. Plus, data can be stored for long term independent monitoring for the sake of trending the signature using TG SAFE software service.

TG SAFE ​​is an offline software service trending the saved data from its online counterpart. Long term behavior of your turbine generator becomes apparent.